While providing quality screen printing, embroidery, vehicle lettering, sign making and promotional items in the hamptons for over a decade.  DeTemple Designs was born out of the desire to expand beyond location.  The recent social media and indy inspired website boom provided the tools necessary to connect with clients almost anywhere. If you have a phone or an internet connection I can help you turn your idea into reality.

Maybe you have a rough sketch of what you’d like your logo to be, but you don’t know how to create digital art that translates to business cards, letterhead, signage and t-shirts.  I can help!  I know these mediums inside out.  I can help you decide where to spend and where to save.  How to modify a design to fit in a budget or expand it to create a more elaborate look.  If you have a sense of what your goals are I can help you meet them with the technical knowledge necessary to create designs that transcend various production applications.  I can also tailor designs to maintain specific budgets and price points.